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Diablo III, free and safe download. Diablo III latest version The long awaited sequel is looking great. Diablo III is an action role playing game set in the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary. Humanity is threatened.

Игра diablo 3 для pc

игра diablo 3 для pc
Название: Игра diablo 3 для pc
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May 16, is it possible to play the PC version with a controller?. Read more. Read more Whereas before, I tended to stick with the same few skills throughout the game, now, gear encourages me to switch things up periodically by offering hefty percentage bonuses to the damage done by a specific skill. You find cool, useful stuff a lot more frequently now, which makes the whole process of collecting loot more exciting and rewarding, and the smart ways in which this loot sometimes encourages you to change up your build make for a more varied game. After advancing a few levels on the normal difficulty and never breaking a sweat, I upped things to hard to take advantage of the 75 percent bonus to experience and gold that comes with the increased challenge. Diablo III - Download - With these great games on the market that scratch the same itch, Diablo III is less essential. The recent changes to Diablo III are dramatic and immediately noticeable. Gear is better now not only in terms of its base stats, but also in terms of its other characteristics. But I can see the appeal in earning paragon levels. Though you can earn paragon experience with a character only once that character has hit level 60, the paragon points you earn are given to each of your characters. The offensive skills of each class look powerful and feel empowering, movement is fluid, and the action is fast and responsive. Diablo III Gameplay PC HD - YouTube - Previously, Diablo III offered little in the way of opportunities to continue improving your character after a certain point, but now paragon levels, along with the prospect of better and better loot on harder difficulties, give you concrete benefits for continued play. Though its core mechanics are commonplace, Diablo III creates a sense of drama that helps it stand out.

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